Who are Dalesmedia?

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Dalesmedia offers a wide range of Web design and computer services to both businesses and individuals.

Friendly local advice for your computing needs, from troubleshooting computer hardware to web design, we are here to help. We welcome customers with any level of computer needs.

Having problems or need advice?

Just want to get onto the internet - what do I need to do?
Think you may have a virus and want your system checking and protecting?
Have you an old PC and want to upgrade?
Just bought a second computer and want to link it to your old one?
Computer "died" and you want to know if it`s fixable?

Your business wants to network its computers? .. share a printer? .. internet connection?

Having many contacts throughout the IT industry, if we cannot help you we should know of someone who can. We have contacts with specialist programmers and database designers who can tailor a piece of computer software just for your company.

If you think that we can help just contact us.

Samples of photographic work

Based in Wensleydale, in the Yorkshire Dales, we specialise in photographs of the Dales landscapes and local wildlife.


Along with some images taken during photographic trips around the world. We can also provide images for websites and other uses.

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