The idea of a network is to share computer resources, allowing your staff to access the information they require from their computer rather than the tiresome and unreliable procedure of transferring files to floppy disk.  Networks can come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you have two computers a network can be created.

Some of the benefits networking can bring to your business or even home.

Sharing computer applications, files, printers and scanners.
Provide a centralised backup of your important data. 
Every user of the network can have a password to use the system, thus ensuring greater security for your data.

Once you are networked you will wonder how you managed before.

Wireless Networking

Some of the latest technology for small networks, especially in the home, this allows you to connect your computers together, without all the mess of cables, and having your home/office rewired, to share files and your internet connection.

If you have a laptop and a desktop PC you can connect them no matter which room you are in. You can even browse the internet and collect your email from the garden.

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