Hawes and High Abbotside Angling Association

Just been working on a website for the Hawes and High Abbotside Angling Association. They have just had an article written about the area in the Trout and Salmon magazine and thought that they had better get upto date with a website to inform anyone about the Association that had read the article and to provide information to vistors to the area around Hawes.

The web address if your interested in fishing in the Upper Dales of Yorkshire is www.hhaaa.co.uk

They have 15 miles of fishing in Upper Wensleydale for Brown Trout and Graying.

The website was created using Joomla, I usually use Dreamweaver but I thought that at some point they may wish to update the site themselves with news and interesting articles and didn`t want a bloggie look to the site. Although that may be due to my lack of Wordpress knowledge as much as anything. Also I wanted to have a go with Artisteer to see what it could do and so far I am fairly impressed. Athough Dreamweaver does give much more control for standard sites.

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