Sometime just using the mouse isn`t always the fastest method of doing things in Windows or Office.

I find that I use the following keyboard shortcuts quite alot. Many of them will work in all sorts of software not just Windows and Office, but also software such as Audacity, Photoshop, The Gimp etc.

Note the use of the + in the following means and, so Ctrl + C means press and hold down the CTRL key and the press the C Key, or CTRL + Click means Press and hold the CTRL key and click the left mouse button.

Ok on with the shortcuts.

Ctrl + C – Copy

We are copying stuffs all the time and this is so much quicker than using the Mouse and  Right Click >> Copy.

Ctrl + V – Paste

If you copy then you need to paste. So instead of Right Click >> Paste, use Ctrl + V.

Ctrl + Z – Undo

Just deleted a piece of text! How to make text reappear on screen?  Ctrl + Z.

Tab – Go to next text area

I find this one very useful and is probably one of the best time savers on the web.

When filling forms on the web, especially username and password forms, this goes extremely handy.

When logging in, after typing the username, just press “Tab” and – your'e at the password form without touching the mouse!

Alt + F4 closes window currently open.

It means you don’t have to go up to that X in the corner of the screen to close the window.

Windows Logo + E – Open computer

If you press Windows Logo + E, it will open the computer.

The Windows Logo button is between Ctrl and Alt on the bottom left of the keyboard, assuming yur on a PC.


Windows Logo + D – Show the desktop and minimize all windows

When you have alot of windows open and you need to go to the desktop to open a program?

You don’t need to minimize every single window one by one. Just press Windows Logo + D and you will arrive on the desktop.

Typing name of file you’re looking for – Locating a file

Lets say you are in a folder called Documents’ and you want to locate a file called “BankLetter001.doc”, just type “bankl". Usually you don’t need to type the file’s entire name – just some of its first letters will do. You will jump to the file with these first letters.

Also if you do this in the Address Bar you will be given a list of the files in a drop down, to select from.

Ctrl + Click – Individually selecting multiple files

For example you are in a folder with alot of photographs and you only want to select some of them. How? Click a wanted photo. Then, holding down the Ctrl key  click another wanted photo. Next, Ctrl + click another good photo!

It doesn’t unselect the previous file(s) but adds the next files you have clicked to the selection!

Shift + Click – Select files from one end to another

You are on a photo page.. again. And now, you want to select photos from “DSC001009” to “DSC001021”. How? Click “DSC001009”. Then Shift + Click “DSC001020”.

You have selected all the photos between “DSC001209” and “DSC001021”!

Alt + Double click – View file properties

If you want to view the properties of a file, don’t need to Right Click >> Properties. Just press Alt + Double Click and the properties will appear right before your eyes!

Windows + L locks your computer

Very handy if you want to quickly walk away form your computer and don`t want anyone else to use it, best used in conjuction with a password.

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