Recently had an issue with a TP-Link ADSL2+ 300MBps Wireless Router not being accessible by wireless devices. The Router had al of the correct light lit, ADSL, Interent Connection, Wireless light etc. but no SSID was seen by any wireless device.

Model was TP-Link TD-W8968 with the latest firmware V1_131226.

The Router was configured with the setup wizard that came on CD and was able to connect to the internet when connected via an Ethernet cable but devices were unable to see the Router wirelessly, the SSID of the device was unable to be seen. A new SSID was configured and a new pass key was endered along with setting it to WPA2-PSK with AES.

To fix this I started by logging into the Admin screen and disabled WDS.

Made sure in the Advanced settings that the

  1. Transmit power was set to High
  2. Channel Bandwidth set to 20/40
  3. Wireless to bgn

These settings as recommended on various forums had to effect on enabling me to see the SSID. So I set them all back again to defaults.

The Fix

In Wireless setting I found the Wireless Channel configuration and changed the Channel from the default of AUTO to a Number, in this case 10.

Then after another wireless refresh on the laptop and the SSID of the router appeared and I was able to configure the wireless settings.

Hopefully there will be a firmware revision that will fix this as out of the box 2 of these devices exhibited the same symptoms.

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