What is a Web Brochure style website

A web brochure is a medium sized 4 - 10 page website which is useful for providing more background and service information than the business card type of site. The web brochure promotes your business all over the world bringing in many new clients and widening your field of influence.

Within the brochure format is space not only for maps and contact details but also promotional and service literature. Don’t forget the old proverb ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

As with the Business Card web site this package allows you to secure your own domain name and implement a professional email system.

Show your Product Range

With this type of web site you have the ability to explain and show your product or service range.

Each of your products or services can have a full description plus pictures to help the customer get a better understanding of the product or service. Interactive Brochures’ allow you to promote the full expertise of your company.

Photographs and drawings can help to advance the image of your company or service.
Whatever your company deals in can be promoted with an Interactive Brochure, from hotels with rooms and menus, to engineering companies with full product descriptions.

Whatever your business, we can design a web site to suit your company and its needs. See the side menu for some completed project examples.

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